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ERIE's SteerPlex presents our 'steering' approach to managing issues and aiding decision-making, and hosts a suite of free tools designed to support your work.

Watch our short video introducing SteerPlex...

This site allows you to engage with our steering approach, and our tools, in whichever way suits you best: 
You may like to start by considering the types of questions you have, and exploring the tools that can be used for these. 
You may like to learn more about our steering approach, the philosophy behind it, and how our tools fit into it. 
You may like to learn more about key complexity science concepts
Or, you may wish to dive straight into the tools themselves, and explore them yourself.

The Tools

The tools developed during the ERIE project, and presented in SteerPlex, are split into three groups: 

1. To use today: These tools are ready for you to start using today. They come with full instructions and documentation, and can be used with no formal training, though we would advise familiarising yourself with the tools before using them.

2. To use in the future: These tools represent approaches which need to be developed for each specific question or topic they are applied to. The tools are demonstrated here using examples from the ERIE project.

3. Advanced: We expect these tools to be of most interest to those already employing quantitative or computational modelling approaches. They require a high level of expertise and familiarity with scientific/policy modelling.


Should you find yourself overwhelmed with complexity science jargon, why not have a look at our jargon buster for help. You may notice many of the more technical terms used throughout the website, when clicked, will take you to the jargon buster directly.
Case Studies
Finally, you may wish to read about our case studies, Food Scares and the Humber Region.
Creative Commons License
All of the work on SteerPlex is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 4.0 International License unless otherwise specified on individual tool pages.
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