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Case Study: Food Scares
Case Study: Humber


The Humber Region


The Humber region is an industrially rich region located on the Humber Estuary in the north-east of the UK. Characterised by diverse industry from oil refining and food processing to chemical and bio-chemical production, the region represents 27% of UK oil refining capacity and is the source of 23% of the UK's CO2 emissions.

As the UK faces significant challenges and opportunities in the transition to a low carbon economy the region represents a principal energy hub and is central in addressing questions of economic development, efficient resource use, environmental impact and job creation on regional and national scales.

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ERIE has been collaboratively engaging with stakeholders in this region since 2010, exploring the system structure and dynamics to address these questions, informing the development of novel support tools for the region's stakeholders to effectively steer development.

Three of the tools in SteerPlex are applied to the region, or were developed based on work in the region: Waste-2-Resource, ePROBE ABM, and Complex Control Tool.

Collaboration with individuals and organisations that are part of this industrial system was key to ensuring the tools we developed were realistic and reliable representations of the Humber region, which are able to explore questions of importance to them. ERIE has been actively engaged with the region's stakeholders from industry, to policy makers and NGO's.

This engagement has taken place over a number of years and includes interviews, workshops and presentations. These data inform multiple sub-projects within the ERIE project, addressing several pertinent questions and characteristics of the Humber region's complex network. Such as the relationship between metabolic and social links in the Humber network; interacting policy instruments on the network; the role of social networks in the emergence and success of eco-innovations; and how to steer the development of the system along desired pathways.

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