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Explore our free tools and 'steering' approach, designed to help you make decisions. Begin exploring using the types of questions you may have, our steering approach, key concepts in complexity, or dive straight into the range of tools we have developed.


What is ERIE's SteerPlex?

A free toolkit to help you make informed decisions, SteerPlex presents the 'steering' approach to managing complex systems, alongside access to, and information on, a range of tools. These include formal models, participatory workshop approaches, and data analysis techniques, developed to aid users when addressing specific questions and issues. All of these tools and the 'steering' approach are available here, free of charge.


Why might I need it?

Making decisions on your organisation's strategies and policies is difficult. It involves understanding many factors and influences, and incorporating the views of different people, both within and outside your organisation. SteerPlex's tools are designed to help you make better decisions by bringing together diverse factors and views. The tools won't necessarily give you specific answers, but their use will likely improve your understanding of a situation, its structure and dynamics, and the views of key people in your area.

Who is it for?

SteerPlex has been designed to be used by anyone. We imagine the most common types of users will be people working in businesses, local and national government, and non-governmental organisations, concerned with strategic decision-making.

Does it work?

Each of the tools in SteerPlex has been designed and tested in a participatory manner with stakeholders from our two case studies. These stakeholders, and many others we have presented the tools to, and worked with, have found the tools useful.

What does it involve?

SteerPlex contains information on nine tools. Some are ready to use today, with instructions included for this. Some are more suited to being explored today but need to be applied to each problem or issue, requiring specific expertise or resources; for these tools introductions are given. SteerPlex also provides information on what types of questions the tools can be used for, background information on Complexity Science, which inspired the design of the tools, and an overview of the 'Steering Complex Adaptive Systems' framework - our approach to managing systems and informing decisions.


Explore our case studies...

We used two case studies during the ERIE project, to develop and demonstrate our tools. Find out more about these example application areas...

The Humber Region 

humberCase1We used the Humber Region, in North East England, as one of the case studies we applied our work to. You will find some of the tools in SteerPlex are specific to the region, and thus provide a demonstration of how they can be applied to your issue. 


Food Scares and the Supply Chain

humberCaseThe second case study we have used is of food supply chains during food scares. You will find some of the tools in SteerPlex are applied to this issue, giving an insight into how they can be applied to other similar issues. 

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